Tax and estate planning

“Estate planning in France requires a high level of knowledge and a long experience in the international context”

If you have any property at all in France or if you are planning to buy it, then it is well worth thinking about the question of estate planning. Firstly, we will consider all the different factors; your age, marital status, number of children, number of properties and their respective values. By providing you with first class advice, we can help you to define and achieve your personal objectives today and tomorrow.

French property tax and estate planning make the choice at the right time

It is important to choose the relevant structure to purchase your property from the very beginning of the purchasing process.

Many clients realise few years after signing the title deed (acte de vente) that they have not made the right decision and feel the need to restructure their French asset.

However this change is often expensive and complicated (legal costs, capital gain tax, eventual reimbursement of VAT, stamp duty….), we will of course assist you in this, but it is obvious that the decision must be carefully considered at the time of the purchase.